We Are Right Here

We lay buried underneath the soil of the earth. Our flesh rotting, our souls wondering.

They visit our graves, placing flowers next to our names that are written down on the tombstones.

What they don’t realise is that we are no longer down there, no longer six feet under.

We are right here, beside them, holding their hands as they slowly sadly walk away from the grave yards, with broken hearts.

We are right there, next to them as they lay awake alone in bed at night, trying to give them comfort.

They may not see us but we are right there.

We try to wipe the tears that roll down their cheeks.

Sometimes we scream and shout to them, trying to get their attention so we can let them know that; “It’s okay, I’m okay, don’t you worry about me.”

We wanna say, “You can let the weeds grow around my grave and you can let the flowers die now.”

They lose themselves deep in thought, wondering and crying for us. Some try to take their lives because they can’t live without us.

They shouldn’t do all that, for we are in a place we belong. Right next to them.

By: t.n.ruth

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